Raised Wall Panelling Kit For Stairs

2.2m Long Primed


Raised wall panelling


The raised panel stair kit is made up of moulded stiles and rails in loose components and a 5 piece raised panel that has to be cut and assembled on site, the panels and stiles are oversized so as the stair pitch can be cut to suit. Top mouldings are sold separately. Each kit consists of 2no. 2.2m x 122mm horizontal rails (four 1.1m lengths jointed), 110mm x 1m stiles that have to be cut to stair pitch (with 45 degree tilt on chop saw), 16no. 1m lengths of rebated fielding 71mm x 12mm and 4no. 9mm panels 800mm x 405mm. The stiles and rails are assembled first, the stair pitch is calculated and the top and bottom of the stile is cut to suit, the maximum width between the stiles is 495mm, this can be reduced. Once the stiles are fitted and the panel widths calculated the 9mm panels are cut in width and then cut top and bottom to the stair pitch, the rebated fielding is then cut and assembled around each panel, these are then fitted into the openings between the stiles completing the raised panelling. It's made from moisture resistant mdf, kits are primed and sanded. 


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